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About Intrepid

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Hello! And welcome to Intrepid.

I hope you’ll find this site useful for creating inspiring gifts and personal mementos that capture the thrill of adventure and exploration.

The inspiration for this site came from two people who are incredibly important to me. For the time being we can call them Pete and Charlene.

A year ago, Pete and Charlene did an incredible thing. They cycled the length of the country - Lands End to John o’Groats - via the National Cycle Network. They camped their way from stop to stop, carrying everything with them the whole way.

It’s such an inspiring achievement, and Pete and Charlene’s adventure typifies everything that this site is supposed to be about. Having retired, they set out on this big, meaty challenge and then they wholeheartedly pursued it. They knew they would encounter challenges along the way, and they went for it anyway - in many ways that was kind of the point.

The thing about Pete and Charlene’s adventure, though, is not just what they did - but how they did it: with quiet, steely determination. Taking care of the little things to hold all the big things together. Watching them pack up their tent was a thing to behold. Everything put away, properly, neatly, in its correct place (space was of course at a premium with everything carried on two bikes). And they did this, day after day, for six weeks. Their passion for adventure and dedication to their goal kept them going through thick and thin.

I’ve tried to channel Pete and Charlene a little bit in creating this website, hoping to capture some of their magic and passion, and trying to stick at it with the same kind of dedication.

I hope the things you create using it bring much joy and happy memories, and I’d love to hear any ideas you might have for other things you’d like to be able to do with it. You can contact us using the feedback page, and you can also check out our roadmap of things we are planning to build!

And lastly, thanks to Pete and Charlene. I don’t get to speak to them much these days, but I hope they know how much of an inspiration they’ve been.

Yours in adventure,


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